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「消費」するか「投資」するか "Consumption" or "Investment"















Recently, there are news about high prices on a daily basis, and people are becoming more cautious about buying things.

In our daily lives, we make payments when we buy things or receive some kind of service, and we live by "consuming" the things we have purchased or the time we receive services.

However, I believe that by converting this consumption into "investment," we can reassess our current lifestyles and make our future lifestyles a little more prosperous.

For example, seeing the release news of the latest iPad, buying it with the thought that "new colors have been added and the design has improved. I want to get it before anyone else" is "consumption".

On the other hand, it is an "investment" to purchase because "the CPU performance has improved and we can now use Procreate's convenient new functions. Recently, it has been slowing down, and it's time to replace it."

If you are fascinated by the design of a new product and buy it, you will feel bright and positive, and it may have a positive effect on your studies and work later, so in that case, it may be considered an investment.

Anyway, in my case, I judge "consumption" or "investment" depending on whether the purchase is an act that will have a positive impact on the rest of my life.

In addition, I believe that investment is accompanied by "planning" and "necessity."

The recent trend of rising prices has become a global movement that cannot be resisted by individuals.

I would like to devise ways to convert my purchasing behavior from "consumption" to "investment" and live with this inflationary era.