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毎日かけています。 So far I am writing every day.








10 year diary





I have been keeping a diary since last year.

As part of my English study, I try to write only one or two lines in English as long as it doesn't become a burden.

Once I made it a habit to write in a certain way, I started writing every day.

In the past, I would buy a notebook for my diary, and after a few days the blanks would become noticeable and I would stop writing halfway through.

Since I started using this, I don't find it difficult to write a diary, and I enjoy it every day.

The method is to use an app called “10 Year Diary”.

While using a tablet or smartphone, if you come up with an idea, just enter a line or two and the diary will accumulate, and you can also add images, so you can enjoy rereading it.

During this time, the diary has gone through one cycle, entering the second year, and I can see the record of the same day last year.

I feel proud of myself for continuing, while immersed in memories that made me wonder if this was already a year ago.

I consider our experiences and memories to be “property,” so I will continue to preserve that property by recording it.