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年齢に1.5をかけてみる Multiply age by 1.5

















30 years old is called 'Misoji', and 40 years old is called 'Fuwaku', and there are times when a division is made according to age.

Fuwaku is a word from the Analects and is used in the sense of 'no confusion, no hesitation'.

It is thought that the term comes from a historical background in which human life expectancy is different from that of today.

Earlier, I was influenced by these words, and there was a time when I was thinking about "I have to do this in this age."

But now I think that modern 'Fuwaku' is 60 years old.

This is because life expectancy has increased significantly compared to the time of the Analects.

It's just my feeling, but I think that by multiplying the age by 1.5 from the age at the time, the sense of the present age can be matched.

The age 20-year-old, recognized as an adult, is adapted to the experience and feeling of the modern 30-year-old.

Looking back, I feel like I'm about 30 years old, and I've finally learned to act like an adult.

In that sense, the fact that more people are getting married in their 30s can be considered to be in line with the times.

At 40, it's okay to still be unsure, and I think it's a good age to try various things.

I feel that the rest of our life is still too long to go straight down the road without getting lost.

However, it is also a fact that the older you get, the narrower the genres and paths you can take on new challenges, and I feel that this is a divergence and contradiction from the slogan of “100-year life”.

While compromising with this social structure, I want to prepare so that when I pass 60, I can see the way forward in life without hesitation.