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経験と思い出という「財産」: 非有形財産への投資 Why Experiences & Memories Matter: Understanding the Value of Life's Experiences





Illustration by Mandarin Orange





家族との思い出を多く作ることで絆が深まる などなど




I believe that experiences and memories are accumulated within oneself and become "property."

Property generally refers to physical assets that can be owned, used, or transferred by an individual or organization.

Experiences and memories are not tangible assets that can be bought, sold or transferred as physical property.

 However, in the following sense, I consider experiences and memories to be no less than tangible property.

・In order to create something, we need knowledge and experience as a base.

・If you experience various things, it will be easier for you to find what you like and you can create new things from there.

・Experiences can lead to connections with people and jobs.

・ The higher the experience value, the higher the problem-solving ability: A student with an experience value of 2 and a working person with an experience value of 10 have different approaches and solving skills for a 0.5 problem.

・By making more memories with your family, your bond will deepen. etc...

If I can meet myself in my 20s, I would like to tell him, "Do what you want to do and gain experience. Also, practice so that you can play the instruments you want to play."

It is important to increase tangible assets, but by investing in experiences and memories, I would like to increase intangible assets and increase satisfaction and happiness.