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京セラ創業者・稲盛和夫氏の成功哲学に迫る―『活きる力』を読んで感じたこと Discovering the Wisdom of Kazuo Inamori: My Reflections on 'The Power to Live'


















Kazuo Inamori's book "The Power to Live" is one of the most famous self-help books.

In this book, Mr. Inamori explains what is important in business, how to prepare as a manager, how to build human relationships, and how to think and act necessary for success, with specific episodes and experiences.

In addition, the contents of the lecture given to the students of Kagoshima University and the contents of the question and answer session with them are included, and I feel that the generation gap in the content is minimized.

Based on his own experience and the wisdom and lessons he has learned from successful experiences, Mr. Inamori describes what is necessary for people to succeed.

・Set goals
・Don't give up on your efforts
・Don't get bored easily
・Continue self-innovation
・Treasuring relationships with people
・Have aspirations
・Be humble
・Do not worry emotionally
・To be considerate
・Contribute to society

In particular, he argues that setting goals is the first step to success.

Setting goals gives you clarity about what you want to achieve and what you are aiming for.

And by striving towards that goal, the road to success opens up.

He also said that "valuing human connections" is also very important.

By connecting with people, you can receive support and gain knowledge.

In addition, by valuing human connections, new ideas and opportunities may be born, allowing you to grow yourself and pave the way to success.

In the book, the word "altruism" is used everywhere, and when doing business, the focus should be on doing things that benefit as many people as possible, and on solutions that solve problems.

I felt that this altruistic heart was the basis for Mr. Inamori's goals and the driving force behind his work.

I believe that the rewards people get are determined by the phi of their influence.

Many people are given the things they need and the solutions to their problems, and the greater their influence, the greater the reward.

In order to increase the phi of that influence, it was one book that made me realize again that the base of altruism is indispensable.