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「文化とカフェが融合した鎌倉の名所「スターバックス鎌倉御成町店」の魅力」 "Visiting Starbucks Kamakura Onarimachi: A Cafe with a Rich Cultural Heritage"








スターバックス公式HPより From Starbucks official website



"Starbucks Kamakura Onarimachi" in Kamakura is a cafe built on the former site of the mansion of Ryuichi Yokoyama, one of Japan's leading manga artists.

Ryuichi Yokoyama's mansion, known for works such as "Fuku-chan" and "Tetsujin 28-go", is said to have become the center of a community where many manga artists gather.

The mansion was dismantled after Mr. Yokoyama passed away, but the "Starbucks Kamakura Onarimachi store" was built on the site, and it continues to this day.

Comic art reminiscent of Mr. Yokoyama's work is displayed inside the cafe, creating an atmosphere that makes visitors to the cafe feel Mr. Yokoyama's achievements.

A new café culture is alive in a place that was a community of manga artists during Mr. Yokoyama's lifetime.

Natural light comes in through the large glass windows, and in addition to the open atmosphere, various types of seats are available, so you can relax and enjoy your coffee.

On the terrace seats, the cherry trees, wisteria trellis, and pool that Mr. Yokoyama loved are left as they are, so you can enjoy the scenery and atmosphere of Kamakura that is different from the inside of the cafe.

I enjoyed relaxing time on the terrace while feeling how a modern cafe harmonizes with a historic town.