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話題のChatGPTを使ってみた My Experiences with ChatGPT as a Language Model




Illustration by Mandarin Orange

・back-end(基盤技術)であるLLM(Large Language Model)を利用して提供されるサービス





I believe ChatGPT is the revolution since the Google search engine.

It is surprising that such a service was announced by the Microsoft group, not by Google, which has accumulated a huge amount of information with search engines and gmail.

Although it was a few days in a hurry, I researched ChatGPT and summarized the impressions I tried using it.

・Revolution of user interface
・Services provided using LLM (Large Language Model), which is the back-end (basic technology)
・The contents of multiple search results are organized and provided at once = an overwhelming time saving
・What keyword (prompt) you use to ask a question is important
・High-quality questions will lead to high-quality answers = you need the ability to ask high-quality questions
・The more specific the question, the more likely you are to get the results you want
・Communication in English is faster and contains more information

For example, when searching for a certain case "A", with the previous search engine, after searching for "A", from the information obtained, additional searches for "B" or further searching for "C" , had to summarize its contents.

ChatGPT provides the above contents as "A+B+C" at once, and summarizes the contents into one document.

The current version is 3.5, and version 4.0, which is said to have learned about 100 times the amount of information compared to GPT3.5, has been announced, so I would like to continue using it and verifying it.