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成熟した社会について考えてみた Thoughts on mature societies





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"Northern Europe" comes to mind when talking about mature societies.

Although I have not actually been there, I have an image that the political and social systems, welfare, and citizen awareness have reached a high level due to the influence of various mass media.

A few years ago, a television program introduced the "self-checkout" system in a Scandinavian country.

Although it is now used in many supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan, it was introduced as a very rare system at the time.

A reporter for the program asked a local person using the self-checkout a question like this: "You read the barcode yourself and do the calculation. Don't you want to take it with you?"

The local person who received the question asked the reporter, "You want to buy this product from this store, don't you? Why do you think about taking it out without paying?" It was like he didn't understand the intent of the question.

I felt that it was the idea of people who live in places where social security is solid because of the high taxes.

Also, I feel that in such a mature society, there is no idea that "this much is okay (permissible)".

・It's okay to go out of the lane for a while when the car is stopped.

・It's a bicycle-only road, but it's okay to stop your car for a while.

・Is it okay to throw away this much trash?

・It will be fine if everyone crosses

I thought that a society in which such ideas are not born in the first place is a mature society.