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飛行機の預け荷物の料金と航空券料金について Thoughts on checked baggage charges and ticket prices on airplanes








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There are weight restrictions for checked baggage when boarding an airplane.

In economy class, the weight is around 20 kg, and in business class, it is around 30 kg.

If you exceed this amount, you will be required to pay an additional fee, but I think that in addition to this, it would be good to have a system that changes the fee depending on the weight of the passenger.

Although passengers are required to pay an additional fee if their checked baggage exceeds even 1kg, the current situation is that passenger weight differences of several tens of kilograms are not considered a problem.

For example, it is possible to change the fuel surcharge depending on the passenger's weight, or to change the weight of luggage depending on the passenger's weight.

I hope that with the advancement of AI technology, this system will be reviewed and a more flexible fee structure will be provided.