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仁寺洞の名店「江南麺屋 강남면옥」で極上の「カルビチム」を堪能



ソウルの伝統的な文化地区、仁寺洞(インサドン)に位置する「江南麺屋 カンナム ミョノク 강남면옥」は、本格的なカルビチムを楽しめる名店として知られています。


「江南麺屋 강남면옥」のカルビチムは、柔らかくてジューシーな牛肉が特徴で、秘伝のタレに漬け込んだ肉は、ほどよい甘さと深い味わい、口の中でとろけるような食感と豊かな味わいが楽しめます。一度食べたら忘れられない逸品です。



ソウルに行く際は、この「江南麺屋 강남면옥」は外せないスポットで、必ず訪れて舌鼓をするおすすめのお店です。

At the beginning of this year, I went to Seoul for the first time in several years.

Gangnam Myeonok 강남면옥, located in Insadong, Seoul's traditional cultural district, is known as a famous restaurant where you can enjoy authentic galbijim.

Galbijim, steamed mandu, and cold noodles are especially popular.

Gangnam Myeonok 강남면옥's galbijim is characterized by tender and juicy beef.The meat marinated in a secret sauce has just the right amount of sweetness, deep flavor, and a melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich flavor. You can enjoy it. It is a masterpiece that you will never forget once you try it.

・Steamed mandu
Handmade steamed mandu are Korean steamed dumplings packed with the flavor of meat and vegetables. The chewy skin and juicy ingredients create an exquisite balance that makes you feel happy every time you eat it.

・Naengmyeon (Cold noodle)
As the name noodle shop suggests, the cold and refreshing beef soup-cooled noodles are the restaurant's signature menu. By eating it between galbijim and steamed mandu, it also serves as a refreshing change of pace.

When you go to Seoul, Gangnam Myeonok 강남면옥 is a must-visit spot and is a recommended restaurant that you should definitely visit and enjoy.