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「御曹司きよやす邸 鎌倉プリンスホテル店」で、海と江ノ島を眺めながら食事を楽しむ至福の時間 Indulge in a Blissful Dining Experience with Spectacular Views of the Sea and Enoshima at "Onzoshi Kiyoyasu Tei Kamakura Prince Hotel"


「御曹司きよやす邸 鎌倉プリンスホテル店」は、鎌倉の七里ヶ浜から坂道を上った先に現れる鎌倉プリンスホテル内に佇む一軒家のレストランです。


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きよやす亭公式HPより From Kiyoyasu Tei official web site






"Onzoshi Kiyoyasu Tei Kamakura Prince Hotel" is a restaurant in a detached house inside the Kamakura Prince Hotel, which appears on the way up the slope from Shichirigahama in Kamakura.

On sunny days, you can enjoy the view of the Shonan sea and Enoshima through the large windows.

The interior of the restaurant is based on wooden interiors such as beams and girders, and you can enjoy a relaxing meal in a calm atmosphere reminiscent of an old private house.

We have visited twice and enjoyed the "Soba Steak Don Gozen" both times.

The "Soba Steak Don Gozen" is a fusion of Japanese and Western styles, and you can enjoy sliced steak on a rice bowl, soba noodles, and a small bowl of Kamakura vegetables.

The steak is very tender and cooked just right, and it goes well with soba, which is cold and firm and goes down smoothly.

This is a recommended restaurant where you can enjoy a meal while feeling a bit of a trip, such as the sea, Enoden, and the Prince Hotel souvenir shop.