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自分らしく生きることについて About living as yourself







自分の属している会社 = 自分の価値、だと思っていることが伺える。

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We have various personas and use them depending on the situation.
Who I am when I'm working, who I am at home, and who I am when I'm spending time with friends.

When many people get a job and become members of society, they generally spend the most time as an office worker, so their persona as an office worker comes to occupy a large proportion of their lives.

Because a persona as an employee of the company to which they belong is their most important existence and role, they sometimes confirm their value through the company's business card.

Some people feel superior by judging people based on the size of the company, or have an arrogant attitude toward people at subcontractors.

This shows that they think that the company they work for = their value.

But if we no longer have the employee persona, where can we find your value? How many people will still be in touch with us?

It is said that we live 100 years era, and the impact of retirement is fading. I feel that we live in an era where we must establish ourselves as individuals who can work without being tied to the framework of a company, and who can contribute to society while earning an income.