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Facebookから離れてみた。 I took some distance from Facebook.











People I know on Facebook are always eating delicious food, going on trips, and enjoying a happy life.

Almost every day, someone posts a picture of them having a meal at a fancy restaurant, going on a trip and seeing a wonderful scenery, having a good time with local people on an overseas business trip, and living a fulfilling life. I unconsciously began to compare their lives with my current situation.

It's not that I'm dissatisfied with my life, but when I started comparing myself to them, I sometimes wondered if I should stay where I am.

Due to the pandemic, when we couldn't go out for days, the frequency of updating everyone's Facebook has drastically decreased.

With this in mind, although semi-forced in a way, I realized that once I got away from Facebook, I stopped comparing myself to others and became more satisfied with my life.

Since then, instead of comparing myself to others, I compare myself to who I was yesterday and who I am today.

As long as I can remember even one English word from yesterday, as long as I have read one page since yesterday, and if I am even one step ahead of myself yesterday, I will be fine.