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子に求めるのは自分の能力範囲内で When asking a child, it must be within my ability









I try not to tell my child to "Go study!".

This is because I think that the word "Go study!" is one of the meaningless words that cannot be conveyed to the other person.

In my opinion, if we want our child to study voluntarily and go to a good university,  we should use our own empirical rules as a parent to teach how to make studying a habit and how to study to go to a top university.

I'm not a high-ranking university graduate, so I don't know how to study to get into such a university.

However, with the hope that my child will lead a better life than I have, I try to investigate, experience, decide what my child wants to do, and discuss as much as possible to move things forward.

It is also unclear whether entering a good university, maintaining high grades, and being able to get a job at a large company is what society needs in the future, or whether it is a way of life for an era of 100-year lifespans, including after retirement.

If there is something I want to ask my child, including how to live in the future, I think that it is important for me as a parent to act first, or to show the method.