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予約制のディズニーリゾート Reservation-only Disney Resort

















The last time I went to Disney Sea with my family was more than 10 years ago.

We went out thinking that it was a chance while it was operated by reservation system.

Ticket purchase
・Purchase tickets online by clicking on the date of your visit on the Disney website
・Print the ticket or prepare to display the QR code on your smartphone on the day of your visit

Restaurant reservations
・We wanted to make a reservation for "Magellans", but unfortunately we could not make a reservation because all the days displayed on the calendar were full. 

Arrived around 10:30 on the day. We were able to park in the multi-story parking lot closest to the DisneySea entrance, so it was a good start.

In the past, we parked in an open-air flat parking lot several hundred meters away from the entrance and had to walk for a few minutes to access, so we felt the benefits of limiting the number of people.

The line for the security check is not so long, it takes about 5 minutes, and we can easily enter by holding the QR code at the entrance.

I think it was probably the first time that I was able to freely take pictures around the globe near the entrance without worrying too much about people.

Since we decided to eat at a nearby hotel restaurant, we bought some souvenirs before the shop was crowded, and then returned to the car.

The Disney parking fee is paid in advance, and it is convenient that you can enter and exit freely on the day.

After we finished eating, we headed back to the DisneySea parking lot. Naturally, you will be guided to a different place than the first time.

We've already bought some souvenirs, and now all we have to do is fully enjoy Disney Sea.

In the past, I used to have the image of walking while trying to avoid the crowds, but I'm happy to have enough time to stop where I want to stop and take pictures while enjoying the scenery.

However, even if it is a reservation system, popular attractions still line up.

We chose only the attractions that we could ride without queuing.

It was another wonderful day with more treasured memories.