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幸せを求めて世界を巡る物語『しあわせはどこにある Hector and the Search for Happiness』に学ぶ Searching for Happiness: A Journey with Hector



Hector and the Search for Happiness」は、フランスの精神科医フランソワ・ルロールによる小説で、日本で本は出版されていないものの「しあわせはどこにある」という映画がAmazon Prime Videoなどで視聴可能になっている。



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・すべてを知らないことが幸せな場合もある など



「Hector and the Search for Happiness」は、ヘクターの旅を通して、個々の人生の喜びと意味を育むことの重要性を伝えつつ、読者が自分自身の幸福の定義と、それを達成するために何が必要であるかを考えるように促している。



"Hector and the Search for Happiness" is a novel by French psychiatrist François Lelord.
Although the book has not been published in Japan, the movie "Where is the happiness?" can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video, etc.

The story begins with Hector, a psychiatrist living in London, who wonders about "happiness" while working for patients, and travels around the world in search of answers.

Hector travels to different countries and from the encounters in those countries he gains insight into what makes them happy.

Along the way, he meets a wealthy businessman who thinks that money = happiness, and in Africa, he encounters a drug trafficking organization who believes that power = happiness.

His other experiences included meeting a monk in Tibet who taught him about the importance of inner peace and balance.

In the process, Hector sends a message to us readers by recording his observations and insights about happiness in his notebook as follows:

・Making comparisons can spoil your happiness. 
・Happiness often comes when least expected. 
・Many people see happiness only in their future. 
・Many people think that happiness comes from having more power or more money. 
・Sometimes happiness is not knowing the whole story. etc.

It turns out that happiness is not only about material possessions and external circumstances, but also about inner peace, relationships, and a sense of purpose.

He also talks about the importance of being grateful for the small things in our daily lives and the joy we derive from them.

Overall, "Hector and the Search for Happiness" conveys the importance of cultivating joy and meaning in an individual's life through Hector's journey.

Elsewhere, it encourages readers to consider their own definition of happiness and what it takes to achieve it.

A book that made me feel about seeking the happiness I feel in experiencing and achieving, not in comparison with others.

And, It was a book that conveyed the importance of living happily with gratitude for today's days, instead of setting the standard of happiness in the future and losing sight of who you are now.