Mandarin Orange


音と演出に惹かれたTHE FIRST SLAM DUNK映画の素晴らしさ Discovering the Magic of THE FIRST SLAM DUNK Movie

映画「THE FIRST SLAM DUNK」で、久々に感動に満ちた体験をしました。





映画館で購入したパンフレット The brochure I bought at the movie theater.

過去の井上先生関連雑誌 Past magazines related to Director Inoue



Illustration by Mandarin Orange

Illustration by Mandarin Orange

総じてTHE FIRST SLAM DUNKは、久しぶりに感動を与えてくれた素晴らしい作品であり、当分その魅力にどっぷりと浸かっていようと思っている作品であります。


I had a moving experience after a long time at the movie "THE FIRST SLAM DUNK".

First of all, the fact that the character Miyagi, who was not so focused in the comics, became the center of the story brings a sense of surprise.

With the addition of his anguish and growth story, I think that the challenging spirit and earnestness of challenging the game were more deeply depicted in the movie.

Also, sound was used well (sometimes silently) in the movie, and the production of controlling the atmosphere was wonderful.

As a result, the feelings of the viewers became one, and I think they were able to feel the tension and moving scenes of the story more strongly.

Even after I finished watching the movie, I was so moved that I bought a pamphlet of the movie, and ordered art book and several past related magazines of Mr. Inoue, the author of the comics.

Even now, several days later, I'm still looking at the pamphlet, reviving the movie scene, and feeling the excitement again.

Furthermore, in order to express this feeling, I also imitate the character illustrations of the main characters and draw them.

Overall, THE FIRST SLAM DUNK is a wonderful work that has impressed me for the first time in a long time.

For the time being, I intend to immerse myself in its attractive.