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「役割中心」から「人間中心」へ:働き方が変わる時代 From Gear to Human: How Work Culture is Changing for the Better





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Recently, I feel that the frequency of train delays has increased.

The main causes seem to be vehicle and signal trouble, abnormal detection, etc., but in the last 10 years or so, such delays have become frequent.

However, in a sense, this may be partly due to the fact that people have come to be treated as "persons" rather than "roles", and that individuality has become more respected than before. I thought about it from that point of view.

In the way of working in the past, employees were required to fulfill their roles as members of the work, and the tolerance for mistakes was very narrow.

In short, Employee A was one of the "roles" of a certain job, and there was little presence of personality there, and he was often compared to a "gear".

However, the time has come when individual opinions are respected, and anti-harassment measures and work-life balance are advocated.

It is presumed that various factors, including cost cutting and personnel reduction, are behind the above train delays.

In the background (this can also be applied to other work), rather than forcibly proceeding on time, the scope of the definition of anomaly will be broadened by giving priority to humans, and when an abnormality is detected, the system is temporarily stopped and checked on the spot. It is thought that the weight of such behaviors has increased.

On the positive side, I think one of the reasons is that work has changed from "role-centered" to "human-centered."