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バフェット&ゲイツ 後輩と語る Buffet & Gates Go Back to School

この本は、ウォーレン・バフェット(Warren Buffett)とビル・ゲイツ(Bill Gates)という2人の世界的に有名な実業家が、学生たちとの対話の形式で行われたイベントの内容をまとめた本&映像です。

このイベントは、2005年9月ににウォーレン・バフェット氏の母校であるネブラスカ大学リンカーン校(University of Nebraska-Lincoln)で開催されました。




また、自分の 1 つ下のレベルの経営陣が、自分と同様の意思決定を行っていることを、どのようにして把握することができますか?











This book is a book and video that summarizes the contents of the event held in the form of dialogue with students by two world-famous businessmen, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.

The event was held in September 2005 at Warren Buffett's alma mater, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Buffett and Gates answer questions from students on a wide range of topics, including economics, business, and life values.

Here is Buffett's story that left the biggest impression on me.

STUDENT: How do you instill ethical leadership throughout your organization and to begin with, how do you know that the management, one level below you, is making decisions that would parallel your own?

BUFFETT: We have all the money we need. You know, we'd like to have more, but we can afford to lose money. But we can't afford to lose reputation. Not a shred of reputation.

And therefore, I ask the managers. I ask them to judge every action they take not just by legal standards, although obviously that's the first test. But also, by the test what I call the newspaper test. How would they feel about any given action if they knew it was to be written up the next day in their local paper to be read by their family, by their friends, by their neighbors, written by a smart, but kind of unfriendly reporter. And if it passes that test, it's okay. And I tell them if anything is close to the lines, it's out.

And they can always call me if they wanted to check something. But if they call me, there's something wrong with it probably anyway. And that's about it.