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ローズホテル横浜の至福の中華体験 - 重慶飯店 横浜中華街新館 Blissful Chinese experience at Rose Hotel Yokohama

重慶飯店 横浜中華街新館レストランは、ローズホテル横浜1Fに位置しています。






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Chungking Hanten Yokohama Chinatown New Wing Restaurant is located on the 1st floor of Rose Hotel Yokohama.

It is easily accessible as it is within walking distance from Motomachi / Chukagai Station on the Minato Mirai Line.

Although Chinatown is crowded with tourists, the restaurant is located within the hotel, so you can enjoy your meal in a relatively relaxed manner.

As it is Sichuan cuisine, the mapo tofu and そめ dishes were cooked a little spicy, but the overall seasoning was well-balanced, and the fried rice was very fragrant and had just the right amount of salt.

The only disappointing thing is that the food is served very slowly, probably due to the small number of employees.

Even with that in mind, the food was delicious and I would like to visit again.