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ビアカフェ ブルッグスゾット 日本橋 Beer Café Bruggs Sott Nihonbashi


今回ご紹介するレストランは、コレド室町2 2Fにあるベルギー料理のレストラン、「ビアカフェ ブルッグスゾット 日本橋」です。

450年以上の歴史がある老舗ベルギービール醸造所「De Halve Maan(ドゥ・ハルヴ・マーン)」と正規輸入代理店の独占契約を結び、ベルギービールを提供している専門レストランとのことです。




"Beer Café Bruggs Sott Nihonbashi" is a Belgian restaurant located on the 2nd floor of Coredo Muromachi 2.

This is a specialty restaurant that serves Belgian beer through an exclusive contract as an official import agent with De Halve Maan, a long-established Belgian beer brewery with a history of over 450 years.

I'm not familiar with Belgian cuisine, but when I went to Nihonbashi, I found this restaurant and enjoyed the traditional Belgian hamburger "Frikadelle."

It looked like a large meatball and went well with the sauce, and perhaps because the meat had no sinews or fat, it was lighter and more delicious than it looked.

Next time I would like to enjoy it with beer.