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モダンな空間で味わう、「レクサスカフェ」の美味しいお料理とカフェタイム Experience Luxury at the Lexus Cafe in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

レクサスカフェの正式名称は「レクサス ミーツ…(カフェ:ザ・スピンドル)」で、東京ミッドタウン日比谷の1Fにあります。



ちなみに、「Lexus Meets」とは、Lexus Cafeでの特別なコラボレーションプロジェクトで、ファッション、美容、食品会社など、さまざまなブランドと協力して期間限定で行われています。


Lexus Meets PierreHermé Paris:フランスの有名なパティスリー、ピエールエルメイズによって作られた、さまざまな特別なデザートとのコラボレーション

Lexus Meets Ladurée:パリで創業した老舗パティスリー、ラデュレのマカロンを特集

Lexus Meets Nars:高級美容ブランドNARSによってデザインされたユニークなメイクアップセットを紹介



The official name of Lexus Cafe is "LEXUS MEETS ... (CAFE:THE SPINDLE)", which is located on the 1st floor of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.

The interior of the cafe gives a modern and sophisticated impression of a minimalist design featuring natural wood and metal accent.

The menu includes snacks such as afternoon tea, parfait, pancakes, sandwiches, curry, and a wide variety of drinks, such as beer, wine, cocktails, and original blend coffee.

By the way, "LEXUS MEETS" is a special collaboration project at LEXUS CAFE, and is held for a limited time in cooperation with various brands such as fashion, beauty, and food companies.

An example of past collaboration is as follows:

Lexus Meets Pierre Hermé Paris: Collaboration with various special desserts made by the famous French patisserie, Pierre Hermé

Lexus Meets Ladurée: Founded in Paris, a special feature on Ladurée macaroons

Lexus Meets NARS: Introducing a unique makeup set designed by high -end beauty brand NARS

Lexus Cafe coffee uses high quality beans of Arabica, so it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the premium coffee experience while looking at the Lexus car in a beautiful and sophisticated environment.