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鴨川シーワールド:海の生物との魔法の出会いと美食の旅 Kamogawa Sea World: A magical encounter with sea life and a gastronomic journey








I visited Kamogawa Sea World because I heard that there are killer whales there, which is rare.

It's a two-hour express bus ride from Tokyo Station, so it's not an easy place to go if you want to, but the scenery along the way was beautiful and we were blessed with good weather, so we had a lot of fun.

Personally, I think the most appealing thing about Kamogawa Sea World is being able to see killer whales swimming through the large windows of the restaurant.

It feels like you're watching the ocean together, and the killer whales may even pass by your window, giving you a different sense of intimacy than watching a show.

The food at the restaurant was very high quality, the service was good, and I was able to enjoy a meal that exceeded my expectations, perhaps because it is also run by a hotel.

The shop has a wide selection of souvenirs, and is one of the places I highly recommend for people who like aquariums.