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未来はすでにここにある The future is already here
















The other day, I bought three clothes that I liked at Uniqlo for the first time in a while.

There is a self-checkout system, and when you put your clothes (or a basket full of clothes) into a box-shaped recess, multiple items are instantly read and the product list and price are displayed on the screen.

I had previously seen an unmanned convenience store introduced on a TV program with a similar cash register, but when I actually experienced it, I found it to be a very innovative and convenient system.

It takes several tens of seconds from the time you start operating the cash register until the payment is completed.

Checkout is fast so you don't have to wait in line.

I am reminded of the words of William Gibson:
"The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed."

Even if we live in the same era, our lifestyle patterns will change depending on the systems around us.

When people were forced to refrain from going out due to the coronavirus pandemic and telecommuting was introduced, there was a story in the news about people having no choice but to go to work just to stamp documents.

I remember feeling that I was living in a different space in the same era as the IT companies and other groups where the "future" was being generalized by introducing PDF electronic stamps and electronic payments.

In short, here again we see that the future is not evenly distributed.

I like film cameras, and I also like the warm tones of LP records.

We live in a modern world where analog (past), digital and AI (future) coexist.
First of all, I want to understand what kind of future is coming and then skillfully incorporate the efficient "future" and the "past" that will add richness to our lives.