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「知的資本論」:知識資源の活用がもたらす優位性 “Intellectual Capital Theory”: Advantages brought about by the utilization of knowledge resources
















I don't like books that are written vertically.

I have become accustomed to online articles, and the number of books written horizontally has increased, so I feel that books written vertically are very difficult to read.

However, since many paper books are still published in vertical writing, I have no choice but to get my hands on them, but it is quite troublesome.

However, there are some books that are written in a vertical direction and are designed to be easy to read, and one of them is this "Intellectual Capital Theory".

The length of one line is short and the font is large, so it is easy to read even in vertical writing.

I would appreciate it if a place like CCC, with its planning ability, put out a lot of ingenuity and put out a book from the reader's point of view.

Borrowing from the author Mr. Masuda's story, I feel that if we focus on "customer value", we should increase the number of books written horizontally.

"Intellectual Capital Theory" emphasizes the importance of design ability (planning ability) in the society of the future, and states that this ability can become know-how and capital.

Even if it is written vertically, I think that thinking about the reader and making it easy to read is also a design ability and a planning ability.

In addition, many bookstores display books according to the type of book, such as magazines and paperbacks, for the convenience of the seller.
However, from the buyer's point of view, it would be more convenient to collect them by genre, such as travel, beauty, and sports.

By practicing this, Tsutaya Bookstore aims to differentiate itself from other bookstores, and it is said to be one of its major know-how.

Sometimes we lose sight of the meaning of what we are doing.

In such a case, I felt that by going back to the beginning and thinking about why I started this and pouring my design and planning skills into it, I could get closer to the original form.