Mandarin Orange


アイデアは書くことから Ideas come from writing


Illustration by Mandarin Orange




書くことは、自分が何を考えているかを知るための手段です。まるで、まったく思いつかない、そういう状況から、とりあえず書いてみるとアイデアが浮かびます。 そのことは大きな発見でした。





I often read in self-development books that writing memos and journals is important because writing organizes your thoughts and things, which in turn leads to new ideas.

WIRED founder Kevin Kelly said in an interview about the importance of writing:

What I discovered, which is what many writers discover, is that I write in order to think. It was like, "I think I have an idea," but when I begin to write it, I realize, "I have no idea," and I don't actually know what I think until I try and write it. Writing is a way for me to find out what I think. It's like, I don't have any ideas, it's true, but when I write, I get the ideas. That was the revelation.

So I started this blog to try to do what I can do now.

As the main subject, I will write reviews of books and my feelings about current affairs in both Japanese and English.

As for the English expressions, if you have better, more natural expressions, please let me know in the comments.