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物価高を乗り切るために The High Cost of Living: How to Navigate Today's Skyrocketing Prices

ここ数年100円ショップを含めた低価格商品に「Made in Japan」の割合が増えている。

・国内生産 → 国内消費の好循環が期待できる





In recent years, the ratio of “Made in Japan” has been increasing among low-priced products, including those sold at 100-yen shops.
Products made in Southeast Asia, which were once the main product group, have almost disappeared.
It is believed that the soaring import prices due to the depreciation of the yen are spurring an increase in the ratio of products made in Japan.

In addition to the depreciation of the yen, prices are rising due to the situation in Ukraine, etc., but on the other hand, there are also positive aspects such as
・I hear in the news that the manufacturing industry is gradually returning to Japan.
・A virtuous cycle of domestic production → domestic consumption can be expected
・At the point when it is known that the product is domestically produced, the positive image of consumer selection increases.

Mind you, I am not an advocate of rising prices.
 Affordable prices are the best thing, and I'm on the side of people who are more than a little shocked by the rapid price rises of Apple products such as iPad.

Since prices have already entered a rising phase due to various factors, I would like to think about what I really need, use what I have now more carefully, and live my life while being creative with what I can do. In short, just trying to see the positive side.

We have entered an era in which it is even more questionable whether purchasing behavior is “consumption” or “investment”.