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海老名の「パティスリー Tadashi YANAGI」で味わった至福の一切れ A Slice of Heaven: Discovering Patisserie Tadashi YANAGI's Delicious Cakes


海老名の丸井1階にある「パティスリー Tadashi YANAGI」で、指折りのケーキに出会いました。



店内に並んでいる様々な種類の洋菓子やケーキの中から、見た目で選んだ「ジュピター」は、フランス ヴァローナ社のチョコレートが使われていて、しっとりしたクリームの上品な甘さを堪能することができました。



I tasted one of the best cakes at "Patisserie Tadashi YANAGI" on the 1st floor of Marui in Ebina.

I learned about this patisserie from a TV Tokyo program called "ADmachicTengoku", and I wanted to try it out.

Chef Tadashi Yanagi is a famous Western confectionery chef who has won numerous awards and received the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award for "Contemporary Master Craftsman."

From the various types of pastries and cakes lined up in the store, I chose a cake called "Jupiter" because of its appearance. Made with French Valrhona chocolate, you can enjoy the elegant sweetness of the moist cream.

As I savored every bite with my family, I was so impressed with the chef's skill that we decided to buy more.